Suldokar's Wake First Impressions

I received my copy of the Suldokar’s Wake pre-release (along with a fancy Whitehack Pocket).

image of Suldokar’s Wake next to Whitehack Pocket Edition and some dice

As I’ve noted before, Whitehack is a go-to game for me, and I was extremely excited to hear about this new game from the same author.

As with Whitehack four years ago, I can tell it’s going to take some time to fully grok Suldokar, but also as with WH – even at first glance I am enthralled!

A few first impressions:

Other than that, from my first speedy read-through my impression of the rules: this game system is tight. Reading through doesn’t give that impression at first, but when I reached the end of chapter 3 (probably the Harm section) I began to see how the different pieces hooked together so neatly. As with Whitehack, this is a game book I’ll be reading over & over again – and probably stealing from with abandon!

More here I’m sure as I digest this game! And I’m very much looking forward to following the progress as it develops toward final release.

If you want to learn more about this game-in-development:


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This page last updated: 2019.05.19