Session Report 2 and 3

Two more expeditions have been made beneath the Raven Hill watchtower.

First, a party went back to the watchtower to seek out & destroy the creature Rikard (who they met in session 1).

The party returned to the watchtower, intent on killing Rikard. They busted the door & were attacked by giant ferrets, leading to Ymar having his arm broken (though quick magical work from Terg saved his life. Once the ferrets were vanquished, they continue through the trapdoor down into the depths. The strange red underwold torches were all extuingished. In Rikard’s old room they met Ornir, a flunky of some kind who passed them a message from Rikard, but was convinced to join them in killing the bad guy (he seemed to have a grievance against his boss).

So, guided by Ornir, the party went down to the 2nd level. There they were ambushed in the process of setting their own ambush, but managed to retreat in order. Then they taunted Rikard out of the safety of his ranks, and shot him down in cold blood.

This did not please his many underlings, who charged, but a well-timed spell from Gale opened a pit to hold off the charge, and the party grabbed Rikard’s body & sword, and fled the scene!

Next, a party led by Lem the Fighter went into the halls beneath the watchtower, and chose to explore beyond the skull door. There they found several sarcophagi, sealed chambers, catacombs, and a room with a large mosaic depicting the life of a bug-eyed dead man. One corpse came to life and was exterminated. They found an emerald in the lid of a tomb, and a magical dagger, but beat an ordered retreat when assailed by skeleton guardians of the crypts.

Session reports are available for session 2 and session 3.

There is also a Campaign Log with summaries and links to the individual reports.

And the chat logs are on the Discord server as usual.

The next expedition heads out next Sunday!


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