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The Market

General Notes

You may sell used or looted items back to the market for half price.

Italicized items are considered Non-Encumbering items for encumbrance purposes, although the Referee can rule that quantities of the items do count towards encumbrance. Items listed in underline are considered to be Oversized.


Type City Rural AC
Light 25 sp 50sp 7
Medium 100sp 5
Heavy 1,000sp 3
Shield 10sp 25sp -2
Helmet 5sp 10sp *
Barding, light 250sp 7
Barding, medium 500sp 5
Barding, heavy 1,000sp 3



Weapon City Rural Special
Lance 30sp charge from horseback
Polearm 30sp
Rapier 15sp
Spear 5sp 3sp strike from second rank
Staff 5sp 3sp
Weapon, Minor 5sp 5sp daggers, knives, etc
Weapon, small 10sp 10sp short sword, hand axe, etc
Weapon, medium 20sp 50sp arming sword, battle axe, mace, flail, etc
Weapon, great 50sp great axe, longsword, maul, etc
Whip 10sp 25sp can entangle


Weapon City Rural Special
Blowgun 5sp
Bow, long 45sp
Bow, short 25sp 25sp
Crossbow, heavy 30sp
Crossbow, light 25sp
Sling 1sp 5cp
Dart 1sp
Spear 5sp 3sp
Other thrown weapons as melee as melee

General Equipment


Item City Rural
Carrier Pigeon 100sp 100sp
Dog 1sp 2sp
Horse, riding 100sp 100sp
Horse, war 500sp
Livestock 10sp 5sp
Mule 50sp 25sp
Pony 75sp 50sp


Item City Rural
Backpack 3sp 1sp
Barrel 1sp 5sp
Chest 10sp 5sp
Pouch 5cp 1cp
Quiver 5sp 10sp
Sack 5cp 2cp
Saddlebag 1sp 5cp


Item City Rural
Cart 50sp 25sp
Coach 500sp
Wagon 150sp 75sp
Chariot 250sp
Boat, raft 5sp 5sp
Boat, canoe 30sp 25sp


Item City Rural
Bottle of Wine/Liquor, Poor 5cp 2cp
Bottle of Wine/Liquor, Decent > 1sp > 1sp
Bottle of Wine/Liquor, Rich > 10sp
Drink, cheap 1cp 1cp
Drink, decent 3cp 2cp
Drink, good 6cp 4cp
Drink, rich > 15sp > 10sp
Meal, fancy 1sp 5cp
Meal, horrid 2cp 1cp
Meal, rich > 15sp > 10sp
Meal, standard 5cp 3cp
Rations, iron per day 2sp 1sp
Rations, standard per day 1sp 5cp
Feed, animal per day 1sp 5cp


Item City Rural
Barn 1cp
Inn, poor 1sp 5cp
Inn, average 5sp 2sp
Inn, secure 10sp 5sp
Inn, fancy > 25sp > 2sp
Inn, extravagant > 100sp > 25sp
Rent, 1 month (per 10’ sq.) 30sp 15sp

Costs are per day, unless noted. The cost to buy instead of rent is one hundred times the listed monthly rental price.


Item City Rural
Air bladder 1sp 1sp
Bedroll 2sp 1sp
Block & tackle 2sp 3sp
Book, blank 5sp 10sp
Book, reading 10sp 20sp
Book, spell (blank) 100sp
Caltrop 5cp
Candle 1cp 1cp
Chain, per foot 1sp 2sp
Chalk 1cp 1cp
Clothing, extravagant > 20sp
Clothing, normal 5sp 2sp
Clothing, poor 1sp 5cp
Clothing, winter travel 10sp 5sp
Cooking pots 1sp 5cp
Crampons 5sp 5sp
Crowbar 2sp 2sp
Drill 5sp 5sp
Fishing gear 1sp 1sp
Flask of lamp oil 2sp 2sp
Garlic 3cp 1cp
Gem > 5sp > 5sp
Grappling hook 5sp 10sp
Holy symbol, silver 25sp 50sp
Holy symbol, steel 10sp 10sp
Holy symbol, wood 1sp 1cp
Holy water 25sp 25sp
Hourglass 100sp
Ink 1cp 5cp
Instrument, musical > 1sp > 5sp
Jewelry > 10sp > 10sp
Ladder, 10’ 10sp 7sp
Lantern 3sp 5sp
Lard 1cp 1cp
Lock 7sp 10sp
Mallet 3cp 3cp
Manacles 10sp 15sp
Map, local 1sp 5sp
Mirror, glass 10sp 15sp
Mirror, silver 30sp
Mirror, steel 1sp 5sp
Nails 1cp 2cp
Paper 2cp 2cp
Pick, miner’s 6sp 12sp
Pipe 1sp 5cp
Pole, 10’ 1sp 5cp
Riding gear 25sp 10sp
Rope, 50’ 3sp 3sp
Scroll case 1sp 3sp
Shovel 3sp 3sp
Soap 1cp 1cp
Specialist’s tools 50sp
Spike, iron 3cp 5cp
Spike, wooden 1cp 1cp
Spyglass 250sp
Tent, grand 25sp
Tent, pavilion 50sp
Tent, personal 5sp 10sp
tent, regular 10sp 20sp
Tinderbox 1sp 5sp
Tobacco 1sp 5cp
Torch 1cp 1cp
Vial or bottle, empty 5cp 7cp
Waterskin 1sp 1sp
Whistle 1sp 1sp
Wolvesbane 1sp 1cp


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